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Poetry Memes

When given a list of words about the internet, I couldn’t help but underline the terms that stood out to me the most. There were quite a few words listed that I did not know, one being something I saw on different websites constantly.

What are memes? I’ve seen this term mentioned on Youtube, Deviantart, and almost always on Tumblr. I’ve had a general understanding of the term, but I always wanted to do more research, to understand the term more in depth.

I quickly looked up the word ‘meme’ to make sure that my previous understanding of it was accurate. Of course this website would be the first one to pop up… Regardless, I clicked the link because I was looking for a quick definition, nothing more. Apparently a meme, in general, is “an idea, behaviour or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” In this case, I believe a culture would be the internet. This definition was not really the way I knew a meme, so I also looked up the term ‘internet meme’. After typing a quick definition search, I got what I was looking for. An Internet Meme is ‘used to describe a concept that spreads swiftly via the Internet’.

I always found internet memes to be a sort of inside joke that spreads and is repeated by those who ‘are in on it’.

Curious to see whether there were any poems relating to an internet meme, I quickly searched Google and came up with this.

Here is a poem written by a boyfriend to his girlfriend. He brings up a very common internet meme, Pokémon. I find it very funny and current, because I’m ‘in on the joke’. I know about the Topic mentioned because I’ve seen and read about it many times, as have many other people.

Seeing such a poetic twist on a modern topic made me wonder if other memes have been expressed through poetry. I plan to investigate further, and search for other appealing memes, hopefully about ‘trolling’ (if there is any out there… )

If not, I’ll write a witty sonnet about trolling myself. It’ll be ironic and hypocritical! >:D