An interesting Idea

I remember finding a silly poem on the bus, on the way to school. I didn’t really give it much thought, but now, here in writer’s craft, as we study poetry, that poem on the bus is all I can think about. It made me think about how simple it is for us to come across poetry nowadays, especially with our access to the internet. I remember how back in the days, we would have to look up poems through books and news papers. It was not available to us at our fingertips. We could not choose from a variety, but had to work with what was available in hand.
I remember being given a little assignment in grade 4 or 5 where we had to pick a ‘type’ of poem, and find an example. I chose ‘love’ and was lucky enough to find an example in a poetry book at the school library. Some of my other friends, unfortunately, were not as lucky. They struggled very much to find a poem about ‘life’ or ‘winter’, in their limited amount of resources.
I’ve realized now how lucky our generation is to have the works of such great poets and writers at our fingertips. We can simply search a theme, as silly as ‘maple tree’ and find amazing poems to complement it. John Clare wrote a great poem about the maple tree, which I immediately regret calling a silly theme.
I’ve always loved poetry, but never truly explored it with the internet. I only looked into when assigned to do so. I hope to use my free time and look up more poems no matter how ‘silly’ they might seem at the time. The internet is full of poems of every genre. Maybe I should put up my own poems and see if other people will research it.


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