A Poem for Poems

At first, I thought poetry was something structured.
You needed stanzas, rhymes, and the proper amount of syllables in order to make it
But every time I read a poem with these characteristics,
the words did not seem to flow, but rather
It sounded forced.
The emotion was there, but it was hard to find expression.
It was as though the poem was being read in a monotone voice.

Poetry should contain feeling and expression.
It should have meaning, but more importantly, it should make you think.
By that, I mean the readers should know that they are reading a poem.
I’ve come to learn that any language can be poetry if properly framed.
In a book, a passage would simply be considered a passage.
But in a poetry book, a passage is considered a poem.
The readers are aware that it is a poem,
And therefore analyze it as a poem.

In conclusion,
Poetry is all around us as long as we are aware of it, and looking for it.
In fact,
If I portray this investigation as a poem, I’m sure you,
The reader,
Would read it as such.


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