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Famous Sounds

While scrolling down for sound ideas, I came across something titled ‘Famous Sounds’. Curious to see what sounds were hiding under this link, I clicked with vigor!

There was a list of sounds to choose from, so I chose what I thought sounded like something I normally wouldn’t pay attention to, even though it was a sound that I could easily make. I chose Korg M1 Pole, which is the sound recording of Kim Aikin tapping a metal pole.

This recording was very interesting to listen to. The sound of the metal pole was a long sound that dragged on. Each sound clip made a distinct ‘ding’ sound, although the pitch would range from very high to very low.

Upon further research, I discovered that “Korg M1 Pole”, as well as the many other links, are sounds that were used by one person, liked, and reused many times by other people, thus ending up being considered a classic sound.

This struck me as an interesting comment because it never occurred to me that people reused others’ sound ideas for their own music. I immediately began listening closely to my own music, catching little sound effects that might have been used in other songs. I now understand why people complain about a song sounding the same as another one. It probably is.
I am personally glad to have discovered this link before my other sound assignment was due. I now know that I do not have to think up every little sound bit up from scratch, but rather take one already made and tweak it a little to fit my preferences.
I cannot wait to explore different sound ideas and learn how to apply them into music!