The Long Count

When first listening to The Long Count, I was honestly waiting for some sort of animated vocalization to occur. I, of course, was wrong. This piece contains what seems to be the panting of men, as well as their inhalation of breath before beginning to talk. This site, in which I received the audio from, had a bit of information written about whose voices these were.

The voices were apparently of Sonny Liston, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman and Joe Frazier. These men were boxers, which lead me to wonder if the audio clips were taken of them talking, or boxing. I concluded that it was of both.

After further investigation on The Long Count, I found out that ‘The Long Count’ was actually a famous boxing rematch between world Heavyweight champion Gene Tunney and former champion Jack Dempsey, where new rules regarding knockdowns were initiated. One of these new rules included giving the fallen fighter 10 seconds to get back up on their own when knocked down.

The reason why I find this so interesting is because the audio seemed to follow this story a bit. At the beginning were the opponents, sizing each other up. Then followed the actual fighting before the knockdown occurred. Most of the audio’s panting was of the different boxers collaborated together, but at one point, there seemed only to be the panting of one person. I assumed that one person to be the one knocked down on the floor, struggling to get up.

This audio clip is actually very interesting to listen to if you know the background story.


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